Tamara and Clayten's Projects


We're shutterbugs, here are some of our general photos, our convention photos, and our event photos.


Apple 2 Emulator Utils (with source)
I wrote some utilities for working with Apple2 disk images, they're writen in C, for MSDOS - they'll probably run under later MS OSes.

Fire - ASM Source
Here's a little ASM program I wrote back in 1998 for a challenge that Crack.com (Dave Taylor, formerly of id software) sponsored. It was entered in the 'under 2k, VGA only' category. I don't remember what the prize was.

Software We Use

This is our project to document and collect all the tools and software that we like to use, to help us setup new systems with ease.

Firefox Addons, Extensions and Preferences
These are some extensions, addons and preferences for Firefox that I like. Firefox is a great alternative browser for Internet Explorer because it has built in tools to block popups and other unwanted Javascript activity and it's open source philosophy has fostered a lot of independent development. Firefox plugins can change the entire interface or override any behavior of Firefox, making them quite powerful. It also uses tabbed browsing, which makes browsing faster and more convenient because web pages are loaded in "tabs" within the same browser window, making it easy to switch back and forth among multiple web pages.