- Tamara Gerbrandt

We've put up pictures from a December concom meeting, the VCON 31 wrap party, and the 2007Q1 wcsfa general meeting.

More photos from our trip in 2006. Downtown Saskatoon, near Tamara's mom's by Lenore and Redberry roads, and along Broadway during the Fringe festival (only setup, unfortunately).

After Saskatoon, we went to Red Deer with Tamara's brother Tim and aunt Susan. Our trip to Alberta was flat and uneventful, except for a brief dip into the badlands and almost running out of gas after. The pictures are often abstract, patterns in grasses and such. Also included is nearly every landmark along the highway.

The much awaited VCON 31 photos are here. The convention was a lot of fun and we're preparing for next year already at the VCON site.

The camping photos from the Crowsnet pass area are now online.

We timed our trip back from Saskatoon through Calgary to catch Conversion 22. We stayed with our friends Mike and Amy after the con and then went camping in the Crowsnest pass area. After camping we went to Nelson to see Walt and Julie, to Lumby where we spent ten days with Kristie, Jason and Jessiah. From there we travelled south to Cawston, right down next to the forest fires in Manning park and across the border. When we first arrived at Marcia and Jean's the smoke was so think we could only see a few hundred meters at noon. The smoke did clear after it rained, but until then it was surreal. Photos of the other stops are coming soon.

These are photos I took while walking through New Westminster Wednesday evening. They show the thick fog that was hanging over the lower mainland

Tamara and I and our friend Gary Coleman went out at 05:30 to get foggy sunrise photos. It was a little last-minute, we'd been up all night playing with NDIS wrappers. This post is a bit of an experiment with google maps. Eventually I'd like to be able to tag the photos with GPS and facing information, so that you could look at a day of photography as a connect-the-dots series of popups on google that would show a thumbnail of the picture. Something like pixagogo is doing, or the webcam locator.

A ton of new photos, Halloween with Danielle and Tarol, another walk around surrey, a foggy walk home with some great photos of trees in the mist lit by the streetlights, the recent WCSFA meeting (VCON governing body), and old photos of a puppy from Friendship park in New Westminster.

I just put two new galleries online. Chinese New Year Parade from January 2004 in Vancouver, and a Walk in Surrey from July. The parade costumes were wonderful, especially the elaborate dragons and lions. In the walk photos, check out the bees on the flowers.

Our VCON 30 Pics are up. We had a lot of fun at the convention and met neat people. We roomed with our two friends, Amy. Amy O. from Calgary, and Amy Hearn from Vancouver.

A quick note on the software; the gallery defaults to showing a small sample of the photos, 'Displaying 8 of 187 pictures.' for example. To view all the photos, simply click the 'View All Photos' link. If you don't see the link, open this gallery directly (If you're viewing VCON 30, click 'Art Show' to open the art show pictures specifically) and you'll be given the 'View all Photos' option. There are 1000+ photos in many of these galleries and we break them up into subdirectories to make browsing them easier.

Update: More Cascadiacon pictures are up. This load features BioHazard and the Fetish for Fantasy gallery. Check them out.

The first of the Cascadiacon pictures are up. I'll update this entry when the rest of the pictures are there.

We went to Cascadia Con (NASFiC 8) in Seattle, Washington from the 2nd to the 5th. It was a fairly big con, 2000+ in attendance.

Notice: The photo galleries are displaying a random sampling of photos with each page load, reload the pages to see different ones. I'll get the gallery software updated soon.

If you've been here before you'll probably notice the different look (Our Wedding Site has been changed over already - the web galleries will soon follow. This is our first all-css site. It's also php as opposed to the static galleries I had generated before. Galleries now display only a random sampling of images by default which makes the images galleries much quicker to load; a gallery page now is around 180k, our old pages were around 750k.

I've made a first pass through the westercon photos. They aren't named yet, but will be soon.

Westercon is a roving (moves to a different western US/Canada city each year) science-fiction/fantasy convention. This year is was held in Calgary. We drove up on Thursday with some friends from Vancouver (Greg, Mike, Marie, and us) and they dropped us off in Kelowna on the way back. We spent two days at my mom's new place in Cawston. We got some great scenery shots going through the mountains and we'll post some of those soon.

We've slowly been adding more things, check out our projects. At this point it's just some old programming projects from the 90s I've been meaning to put online. If you're into Apple2 emulators, or x86 ASM Demos in the 2k class, check them out.

Tamara and I are on the board of directors of West Coast Science Fiction Society, and we've now also accepted the position of "Deputy Minister of Hypertext Propoganda" (webmaster) for VCon Vancouver's own SciFi/Fantasy convention.

The next project is to rewrite the galleries to show fewer pictures. A few more people have been looking at them than I had expected - what worked well for small volume didn't work so well for getting a ton of hits.

We've been linking to various things on our site for a while, but now we've decided to make them a bit more accessible.

You probably know we're shutterbugs so check out our convention photography, event photography, and miscellaneous faves.