Tamara Gerbrandt

Tamara Lynn

is a geek of computers, cooking, organizing, etc.. She loves reading, math, computers, programming, health and being organized.

I spent several years in the lower mainland and then finally decided it was time to travel while with my ex. There was always a desire to travel and after shaping up Clayten and I were finally ready and dying to go when we left for Calgary, AB in October of 2008. It helps that I love to swim and we both love hiking around interesting terrain. Since then we lived in Montreal, QC Regina, SK Nelson, BC and Keremeos, BC as well as Vancouver. I've been back here since 2012 and still think about taking off again ;)

My daughter Alicia lives in Regina with her husband Mickey and their three pets, Roxanne, Thomas and now Bailey. Her son Dominic was born October 14th, 2010 and her daughter Kaylee was born on October 29th, 2007 - they are living with their respective fathers due to extenuating circumstances.

Contact Me

You can reach Tamara at 604-441-5966 info@kelora.org